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NoWater Music Video

2011-09-03 03:21:31 by NoWater

We are looking for a animator to make a flash video of a track we wrote called 'Again'. It is a 1:22 long and the gig pays 100 bucks. We want to see what this talented community can dish out. If you are interested listen to the song and continue reading.

Link/Download to song /443438

Submit all entries to both this thread and Email:

If you want the .Aiff or .Wav file let us know

Concepts we are looking for: Adventure time with Fin & Jake ESQUE, The future, Spirals, Flying transportation, Dimensional rifts, Time travel, Lazers, Freedom, Pin pointing time and space to a single . , Bass vibrations, Sonic the hedgehog's Speed boost, Having an epiphany, and breaking what makes sense.

If you want this gig, create a picture of how you envision the video. Nothing too detailed just a mockup. Only want to see a glimpse of what you are seeing before we commit

NoWater Music Video